Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mmmm Brownies

The other day I made some very basic brownies with walnuts in them with every intention of bringing them into work. I've been trying to make some baked goods for one of my omnivore co-workers to eat. Alas, they were too good and didn't make it out of the kitchen. They did make it into my belly, however. And, Davey's.

Since I had quite an abnormal childhood, I had no brownie recipe to fall back on. Like always, I went to VegWeb and used this recipe.

I used less than half of the sugar and almost no brown sugar. I also used all wheat flour and they were still moist and yummy. I'd add more cocoa powder, though.

Also! I'm really pumped because I found out the Kroger brand chocolate chips are vegan! Hooray!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pepperoni Rolls

After seeing the pizza rolls Jessica from Awesome. Vegan. Rad. made, Dave insisted on having some pizza rolls. Seriously, hers looked that spectacular. I used the pizza dough recipe from VWAV, and I'm pretty sure that's kind of what Jessica did, too. I also used Isa's pizza sauce, nice and basic.

For the pepperoni I coated both sides in this buttery, red pepper, paprika mixture. I did deviate from the recipe posted, though. Instead of cooking it until it was crispy, I just wrapped the raw tofu in the pizza rolls and baked. The best part of these was the Teese!

The formation of these is a little unconventional, but who cares?
P.S. WTF is with Teese making their rolls of soy cheese play-size? SRSLY.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes!

A few days ago I was pumped to begin some healthy eating and cooking. I even made a rockin' tofu scramble chalk full of chickpeas and other good sources of protein. But, then.. my "monthly visitor" came. My womanhood puts me under a great deal of stress and the only way I can deal with such stress is to devour great amounts of peanut butter. All things considered, I've been eating fairly healthy and in my defense, I even walked a couple of miles today. In the frigid winter weather! Now that I've attempted redemption, here are some of my guilty pleasures.

simple Mac 'n Cheese

Attention, menstrual Katie: Throwing steamed broccoli atop your macaroni and cheese doesn't make it any healthier or less fattening. Please act accordingly.

potato salad

I guess ever since Dave and I had the opportunity to eat at Cafe Blossom, I've been craving potato salad. This certainly doesn't hold a candle to theirs, mainly because I didn't have any fresh herbs. It still did the trick. I used veganase to make the potato salad. I don't know what it is about vegan mayo, but it tastes too much like dressing, which I hated as a kid. It tastes too sweet for me, but again, this really hit the spot. Topped with fragrant green onions.

she wore red velvet..

Somehow I managed to survive the first 18 years of my life without making a single cupcake on my own. Seriously. These are the first cupcakes I have ever made. I used Taylor's recipe from MAC & CHEESE. While her blog is not vegan, this particular recipe she posted is. It's an adaptation of Isa's red velvet cupcakes and her grandmother's. That's a tofutti better than cream cheese frosting by the way.

I finally got my camera!

Based on the title, I'm sure you've guessed this post has nothing to do with food. I finally got my Canon Rebel XS and I'm beyond stoked. Yeah, I just said 'stoked.' Do somethin'. I really couldn't get over owning something that high quality and advanced. It's simply beautiful. Of course, I'm broke as hell now. Anyway, here is a series of unedited test shots I took upon getting my camera. Eeeee!

Obviously monochrome is the superior way to shoot. And, no, my mother's cat, Abby, is not demonic. Such pictures were brought to you by continuous shooting and Abby's need for a good yawn. Too cute. I know these pictures aren't great or anything, but much like my cooking, I'm still learning! And, I must say, I'm very excited about it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Resolution

After recently breaking a button on my absolute favorite pair of pants, I have sworn to begin eating healthier. Unfortunately, half of these cooking endeavors don't reflect that-in the slightest. I haven't been doing a whole lot of cooking of late. Dave and I had Happy Dragon the other night and have primarily been living off of ramen noodles. I plan for that to change, as well. Less talk, more post.

welfare biscuits and gravy.

I refer to these as "welfare biscuits and gravy" due to the fact that I made the biscuits using friggin' Bisquick because I'm intensely lazy. The sausage, or as we like to call it in the ol' Steffie-Quinonez household 'soysage', is Smart Grounds and that white gravy is literally the easiest gravy one could ever hope to make. You brown 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, add 1 cup soy milk, whisk vigorously, and salt and pepper to your heart's content. I add lots of onion powder, too. Simple and comforting. I also made some hash brown patties for Dave, but the picture was too low quality. They were little round, brown blurs. Tasty, round, brown blurs.

wonderfully simple banana nut bread

This recipe is really basic. I highly recommend adding some raisins or chocolate chips to the mix. A healthy amount of cinnamon could only help, as well. I've found that banana bread is always better the day after you make it-after it's sat out for a night while wrapped in foil and moistened to day-old bliss. Yum!

Finally, my attempt to eat a bit healthier. I've been wanting to experiment with various tempeh recipes, mainly, though, because I can't stand tofu. I know, it's a ridiculous thing to say because it takes on the flavor of whatever it's cooked with yadda yadda.. But, I think it's the texture more than anything else. I love using tofu to add texture to things like pies and potato soup, but eating it as itself is just.. bland.

This dinner not only marked the beginning of my new diet but was also mine and Dave's first encounter with couscous. Friggin' YUM!

am I the only one who thinks curries are so photogenic?

steamed sprouts, roasted pine nut couscous, and creamy curried tempeh.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rant #2

While Internet creepin' this evening, I came across this little gem in cyberspace.

This rant began because of some New Zealand phenomenon, "vegansexuals."

Why would I want to have a serious, meaningful relationship with someone who opposes something I feel so strongly about? Just as I wouldn't seek a partner who was some self-righteous evangelist, I would not seek an omnivore partner. Was this charming fellow once rejected by a vegan female and the only way he can find closure on the matter is to diss veganism in his blog?

And, if I have to hear one more ignorant statement about lack of iron, B12, brain shrinkage, etc., I'm going to vomit my superior animal-free vomit all over the room.* The size of your brain is regulated by B12. B12 comes from and is most abundant in sunlight. The reason the animals you consume are so abundant in the shit is because they grazed while in captivity the things I eat: fuckin' plants You're devouring hand-me-down photosynthesis.

I try not to get so self-righteous, myself, due to the fact that I don't really care to be labeled as some radical PETA member. I also don't want my diet to interfere with the relationships that I form with people and be judged solely based on something like food. I usually don't speak about it until I feel attacked and I've realized that I never attack omnivores. It's kind of something I take pride in. It's really upsetting that I rarely receive the same respect I dish.

*Sarcasm is golden, and I don't find my vomit or any other bodily discharges, appendages, or organs more superior than yours. Except you, Negative 99 guy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from the Rotten Apple!

And, I couldn't be more unhappy about it. Seriously. Dave and I had such a blast and are definitely returning viddy viddy soon. In all honesty, we probably would've stayed behind if it hadn't been for our cat babies. Oh, the sacrifices..

Obviously, while in NY, we ate TONS of yummy vegan treats. It was a complete culture shock to actually be able to go into an eating establishment and not have to second-guess what was and what wasn't vegan- even more, to be able to go into a place that was specifically for us! Our eating excursions ranged from swanky, upscale restaurant to quaint cafes.

Day 1:

We made a trip to Teany! The sammie that we got, which for some reason I can't for the life of me remember it's name, isn't actually listed on the website menu. This cafe is located in the East Village which was probably my second favorite area we visited. The cafe is extremely small, which kind of sucks because you can't not be apart of everyone else's conversation. However, it was a very awesome and unique experience.

Dave and I ordered the exact same thing- some radical veggie sammie on wheat and tasty Earl Grey. They steep their tea in vanilla soymilk! It rules. I don't know why I'm so floored by this technique because it's essentially a tea misto minus the water.. which I make myself quite frequently. Dave and I are still kicking ourselves that we never bought some of their loose leaf tea.

The dessert.. my goodness. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bomb Cake. That's the ever so appropriate title. Not the adorable bluberry garnish!

Day 2:

We made a trip to Cafe Blossom, specifically the one located in the Upper Westside. It ruled, as expected. Unlike Teany, everything in this restauraunt is vegan. Dave and I, once again, got the same exact thing- soy bacon cheeseburger. They use Teeze on their burgers! Yum! The only difference in our meals was that Dave got sweet potato fries and I got herbed potato salad. Sooooo gooooooood.

Blossom was so nummy we ate their twice during our two and a half day trip. A tad expensive, as this was our upscale dining experience, but definitely worth it.

For dinner, we had Slice! We got the 20" pie, which I ate most of. They rule for three reasons:

1. They're super healthy use all organic ingredients. (Even their meat products were free-range.)

2. They offer soy cheese!

3. They serve bottled Teany beverages. Peach infused grean tea and pizza? NOM NOM NOM!

They were, however, a little pricey. They charge $3 per initial veg topping on a 20" and add an additional $1 for every other. Dave and I got the herb crust with garlic, tomatoes, and brocoli.

*This entry doesn't include the countless giant soft pretzels Dave and I ate.

well, I'm beat. I shall leave you with a picture that sums up my entire trip:


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alright, Alright.

So, I'm done with class for today and the only things on my agenda are to do some assignments and take the stinkin' bus to work. I mentioned that I had a few crappy pictures of some tasty eats. So, since I'm bored, and obviously you are, too, here they be:

I feel a little silly eve posting this. It's so simple, but oh, so yummy. The penne is a buttery tomato basil penne. After cooking the pasta and letting it drain, I used the same pot to saute minced garlic and tomatoes in some EB. Dave could actually stand this because the tomatoes basically just dissolve and all you have left is this tasty coating for your noodles. top with some nutritional yeast, accompany with a salad, and BAM! you're set.

told you it was a horrible picture!

This meal was probably the main reason I came crawling back to you today. This was my very first encounter with seitan! yep. I made it all by myself. and, simple as it was, I'm going to gloat. The title of this recipe really doesn't lie. Even my omni family enjoyed it. The occasion was my mother and nephew's joint-birthday-dinner party. I usually try to cook up the vegan mirror image of whatever they're making so that I don't feel like such an outcast. Mine was clearly the superior meal.

Birthday Boy!

And now, another successful swing at some vegan Alfredo. Ultra-creamy and garlic-y..? Made with elbow mac this time. And, I am not too big of prude to admit the disgusting sound such creamy and delectable pastas make when you stir them! Damn it.

oh, Big Apple, how you torture me!

so, I have cooked a few things, but I've forgotten to take pictures of them. and. the things I have gotten a picture of looked too horrible to post. Dave and I are leaving for New York on Friday and won't be back until the following Tuesday. I should definitely have lots of pictures. It'll be my first time in NY!!!

here are a few of the tasty vegan places were planning to dine at:

Slice etc., etc.

I probably won't be on here until after the trip because I have waaaaaaaay too much planning, preparing, and packing to do. I'll miss you, bloggers. :(