Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Resolution

After recently breaking a button on my absolute favorite pair of pants, I have sworn to begin eating healthier. Unfortunately, half of these cooking endeavors don't reflect that-in the slightest. I haven't been doing a whole lot of cooking of late. Dave and I had Happy Dragon the other night and have primarily been living off of ramen noodles. I plan for that to change, as well. Less talk, more post.

welfare biscuits and gravy.

I refer to these as "welfare biscuits and gravy" due to the fact that I made the biscuits using friggin' Bisquick because I'm intensely lazy. The sausage, or as we like to call it in the ol' Steffie-Quinonez household 'soysage', is Smart Grounds and that white gravy is literally the easiest gravy one could ever hope to make. You brown 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, add 1 cup soy milk, whisk vigorously, and salt and pepper to your heart's content. I add lots of onion powder, too. Simple and comforting. I also made some hash brown patties for Dave, but the picture was too low quality. They were little round, brown blurs. Tasty, round, brown blurs.

wonderfully simple banana nut bread

This recipe is really basic. I highly recommend adding some raisins or chocolate chips to the mix. A healthy amount of cinnamon could only help, as well. I've found that banana bread is always better the day after you make it-after it's sat out for a night while wrapped in foil and moistened to day-old bliss. Yum!

Finally, my attempt to eat a bit healthier. I've been wanting to experiment with various tempeh recipes, mainly, though, because I can't stand tofu. I know, it's a ridiculous thing to say because it takes on the flavor of whatever it's cooked with yadda yadda.. But, I think it's the texture more than anything else. I love using tofu to add texture to things like pies and potato soup, but eating it as itself is just.. bland.

This dinner not only marked the beginning of my new diet but was also mine and Dave's first encounter with couscous. Friggin' YUM!

am I the only one who thinks curries are so photogenic?

steamed sprouts, roasted pine nut couscous, and creamy curried tempeh.

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  1. dude. i popped a button on some jeans a few weeks ago. blegh. i'm blaming it on winter and the fact that i refuse to move when i'm cold. that's funny about the bisquick. michael uses that shit all the time to make biscuits and pancakes (sometimes i 'forget' to buy it though). i mean, they taste fine. i just know it's kinda crap, you know? as for eating healthier, good luck! that curry looks like you're off to a good start. i've been cooking more with tempeh lately too. i don't have the same problem with tofu, though. i love the stuff. i guess i just got used to the texture - it doesn't bother me now. if i may be honest, i have noticed that your posts contain quite a bit of fake meat and cheese. i'm not saying that stuff can't be awesome (i indulge from time to time...last night we totally had soydogs for dinner...wrapped in croissants), but they really aren't healthy, unfortunately. i've found that making my own meals from scratch helps me regulate my weight (though i'm terrible at portioning...i always just eat too much). i've also tried to cut out white flour and pasta (that's been tough). not that what i do is best, by any means, it's just an example. load up on the veggies, that's always good. and yay, couscous! i totally made couscous for lunch today with spinach and chickpeas in it. (p.s. for a healthier couscous option, they have the whole wheat kind at healthy life market, and it tastes exactly the same, unlike other whole wheat pastas.)