Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from the Rotten Apple!

And, I couldn't be more unhappy about it. Seriously. Dave and I had such a blast and are definitely returning viddy viddy soon. In all honesty, we probably would've stayed behind if it hadn't been for our cat babies. Oh, the sacrifices..

Obviously, while in NY, we ate TONS of yummy vegan treats. It was a complete culture shock to actually be able to go into an eating establishment and not have to second-guess what was and what wasn't vegan- even more, to be able to go into a place that was specifically for us! Our eating excursions ranged from swanky, upscale restaurant to quaint cafes.

Day 1:

We made a trip to Teany! The sammie that we got, which for some reason I can't for the life of me remember it's name, isn't actually listed on the website menu. This cafe is located in the East Village which was probably my second favorite area we visited. The cafe is extremely small, which kind of sucks because you can't not be apart of everyone else's conversation. However, it was a very awesome and unique experience.

Dave and I ordered the exact same thing- some radical veggie sammie on wheat and tasty Earl Grey. They steep their tea in vanilla soymilk! It rules. I don't know why I'm so floored by this technique because it's essentially a tea misto minus the water.. which I make myself quite frequently. Dave and I are still kicking ourselves that we never bought some of their loose leaf tea.

The dessert.. my goodness. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bomb Cake. That's the ever so appropriate title. Not the adorable bluberry garnish!

Day 2:

We made a trip to Cafe Blossom, specifically the one located in the Upper Westside. It ruled, as expected. Unlike Teany, everything in this restauraunt is vegan. Dave and I, once again, got the same exact thing- soy bacon cheeseburger. They use Teeze on their burgers! Yum! The only difference in our meals was that Dave got sweet potato fries and I got herbed potato salad. Sooooo gooooooood.

Blossom was so nummy we ate their twice during our two and a half day trip. A tad expensive, as this was our upscale dining experience, but definitely worth it.

For dinner, we had Slice! We got the 20" pie, which I ate most of. They rule for three reasons:

1. They're super healthy use all organic ingredients. (Even their meat products were free-range.)

2. They offer soy cheese!

3. They serve bottled Teany beverages. Peach infused grean tea and pizza? NOM NOM NOM!

They were, however, a little pricey. They charge $3 per initial veg topping on a 20" and add an additional $1 for every other. Dave and I got the herb crust with garlic, tomatoes, and brocoli.

*This entry doesn't include the countless giant soft pretzels Dave and I ate.

well, I'm beat. I shall leave you with a picture that sums up my entire trip:



  1. looks like you had an awesome trip! i miss new york so much :( especially the food.