Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oh, Big Apple, how you torture me!

so, I have cooked a few things, but I've forgotten to take pictures of them. and. the things I have gotten a picture of looked too horrible to post. Dave and I are leaving for New York on Friday and won't be back until the following Tuesday. I should definitely have lots of pictures. It'll be my first time in NY!!!

here are a few of the tasty vegan places were planning to dine at:

Slice etc., etc.

I probably won't be on here until after the trip because I have waaaaaaaay too much planning, preparing, and packing to do. I'll miss you, bloggers. :(

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  1. yay, new york! michael and i went for the past 2 years in february on the art dept trip and it's always so awesome. is this your first time? if so definitely hit up blossom. it's expensive, but so SO worth it. wild ginger (somewhere between chinatown and little italy) is also yum. also, like every thai and vietnamese place. and the indian food! guh, i wish we were going this year. have fun!