Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alright, Alright.

So, I'm done with class for today and the only things on my agenda are to do some assignments and take the stinkin' bus to work. I mentioned that I had a few crappy pictures of some tasty eats. So, since I'm bored, and obviously you are, too, here they be:

I feel a little silly eve posting this. It's so simple, but oh, so yummy. The penne is a buttery tomato basil penne. After cooking the pasta and letting it drain, I used the same pot to saute minced garlic and tomatoes in some EB. Dave could actually stand this because the tomatoes basically just dissolve and all you have left is this tasty coating for your noodles. top with some nutritional yeast, accompany with a salad, and BAM! you're set.

told you it was a horrible picture!

This meal was probably the main reason I came crawling back to you today. This was my very first encounter with seitan! yep. I made it all by myself. and, simple as it was, I'm going to gloat. The title of this recipe really doesn't lie. Even my omni family enjoyed it. The occasion was my mother and nephew's joint-birthday-dinner party. I usually try to cook up the vegan mirror image of whatever they're making so that I don't feel like such an outcast. Mine was clearly the superior meal.

Birthday Boy!

And now, another successful swing at some vegan Alfredo. Ultra-creamy and garlic-y..? Made with elbow mac this time. And, I am not too big of prude to admit the disgusting sound such creamy and delectable pastas make when you stir them! Damn it.

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  1. hahaha...that slorp glorp sound? it's wonderful. your meals are lookin' yummy! good job on your first seitan attempt!