Friday, February 13, 2009

Rant #2

While Internet creepin' this evening, I came across this little gem in cyberspace.

This rant began because of some New Zealand phenomenon, "vegansexuals."

Why would I want to have a serious, meaningful relationship with someone who opposes something I feel so strongly about? Just as I wouldn't seek a partner who was some self-righteous evangelist, I would not seek an omnivore partner. Was this charming fellow once rejected by a vegan female and the only way he can find closure on the matter is to diss veganism in his blog?

And, if I have to hear one more ignorant statement about lack of iron, B12, brain shrinkage, etc., I'm going to vomit my superior animal-free vomit all over the room.* The size of your brain is regulated by B12. B12 comes from and is most abundant in sunlight. The reason the animals you consume are so abundant in the shit is because they grazed while in captivity the things I eat: fuckin' plants You're devouring hand-me-down photosynthesis.

I try not to get so self-righteous, myself, due to the fact that I don't really care to be labeled as some radical PETA member. I also don't want my diet to interfere with the relationships that I form with people and be judged solely based on something like food. I usually don't speak about it until I feel attacked and I've realized that I never attack omnivores. It's kind of something I take pride in. It's really upsetting that I rarely receive the same respect I dish.

*Sarcasm is golden, and I don't find my vomit or any other bodily discharges, appendages, or organs more superior than yours. Except you, Negative 99 guy.

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  1. people are fucking ridiculous, are they not? and i literally laughed out loud when i read about them eating 'hand-me-down photosynthesis'. good one, and it's best because it's true.