Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pepperoni Rolls

After seeing the pizza rolls Jessica from Awesome. Vegan. Rad. made, Dave insisted on having some pizza rolls. Seriously, hers looked that spectacular. I used the pizza dough recipe from VWAV, and I'm pretty sure that's kind of what Jessica did, too. I also used Isa's pizza sauce, nice and basic.

For the pepperoni I coated both sides in this buttery, red pepper, paprika mixture. I did deviate from the recipe posted, though. Instead of cooking it until it was crispy, I just wrapped the raw tofu in the pizza rolls and baked. The best part of these was the Teese!

The formation of these is a little unconventional, but who cares?
P.S. WTF is with Teese making their rolls of soy cheese play-size? SRSLY.

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