Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes!

A few days ago I was pumped to begin some healthy eating and cooking. I even made a rockin' tofu scramble chalk full of chickpeas and other good sources of protein. But, then.. my "monthly visitor" came. My womanhood puts me under a great deal of stress and the only way I can deal with such stress is to devour great amounts of peanut butter. All things considered, I've been eating fairly healthy and in my defense, I even walked a couple of miles today. In the frigid winter weather! Now that I've attempted redemption, here are some of my guilty pleasures.

simple Mac 'n Cheese

Attention, menstrual Katie: Throwing steamed broccoli atop your macaroni and cheese doesn't make it any healthier or less fattening. Please act accordingly.

potato salad

I guess ever since Dave and I had the opportunity to eat at Cafe Blossom, I've been craving potato salad. This certainly doesn't hold a candle to theirs, mainly because I didn't have any fresh herbs. It still did the trick. I used veganase to make the potato salad. I don't know what it is about vegan mayo, but it tastes too much like dressing, which I hated as a kid. It tastes too sweet for me, but again, this really hit the spot. Topped with fragrant green onions.

she wore red velvet..

Somehow I managed to survive the first 18 years of my life without making a single cupcake on my own. Seriously. These are the first cupcakes I have ever made. I used Taylor's recipe from MAC & CHEESE. While her blog is not vegan, this particular recipe she posted is. It's an adaptation of Isa's red velvet cupcakes and her grandmother's. That's a tofutti better than cream cheese frosting by the way.

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  1. My 'special friend'* always drives to make sweet baked goods too. All that food looks really good right now.

    *that is what my lame (male) boss calls it!