Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mmmm Brownies

The other day I made some very basic brownies with walnuts in them with every intention of bringing them into work. I've been trying to make some baked goods for one of my omnivore co-workers to eat. Alas, they were too good and didn't make it out of the kitchen. They did make it into my belly, however. And, Davey's.

Since I had quite an abnormal childhood, I had no brownie recipe to fall back on. Like always, I went to VegWeb and used this recipe.

I used less than half of the sugar and almost no brown sugar. I also used all wheat flour and they were still moist and yummy. I'd add more cocoa powder, though.

Also! I'm really pumped because I found out the Kroger brand chocolate chips are vegan! Hooray!


  1. man, i was just thinking about brownies the other day. you should have saved me one, JEEZ! haha...they look good though, seriously.

  2. i am on a diet and what do you do? u tempt me with BROWNIES!!!!!!!!! they look delicious!

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