Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Diets Schmiets!

Gimme something ooey, gooey, and good. I figured every happy home needs at least one good cookie recipe and randomly decided to make some chocolate chip cookies today. (Also, I made cookies because I am completely out of food and these are the only things I happened to have all of the needed ingredients to. Someone take me grocery shopping!)

I'm so glad this recipe worked. It's seriously been quite the task trying to perfect some cookies. The recipe I usually use is the How it all Vegan one, but sadly, it sucks. The cookies come out really dry and crumbly, not ooey and gooey! I deserve more, damn it!

Also, making these cookies reminded me of this wounderful product of pop culture and YouTube:



  1. ah that sucks that they were rubbish. Dreena burton's homestyle choc chip cookies is my go to recipe, it is awesome. It's on the everyday dish website.

  2. cookie monster! yes! also, i was going to suggest a dreena burton cookie recipe as well, since she's a complete cookie genius, but sal beat me to it!