Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Cooked Meals

This certainly has been a week of experiment. First, I would like to introduce you to my kitty guest:

Jax a.k.a. Jasper

Apparently, I'm my family's go-to gal for pet-sitting. This is my sister's cat baby, and quite frankly, he's not too nice. He's been at my apartment for about three days, and he only started cuddling with us today. What has my sister done to desensitize a cat in such a way? My theory was the stupid collar she forces him to wear. It's blue with a dangling jingle bell intended to alert you of when the kitty is near. I took it off and hid it from him today, and he has been much more pleasant since.

And, now- the food. I discovered Everyday Dish TV this week and it has been life changing. Not only are the recipes simple, recorded, and scrumptious, but I catch myself wishing that Julie Hasson was my mother when I was a youth.

"Breast of Tofu"

Hey, Bryana Clark Grogan, you're a friggin' goddess. After countless unsatisfying attempts at tofu preparation, I'm finally hooked! This is seriously the perfect food for me. It's easy and great for work nights when I get home some time around 11 p.m. I just set tofu strips to marinade right before I leave, coat it in the recommended flour mixture, fry it, and BAM! Dinner is served. The marinade and flour mixture keep refrigerated for up to a week. It's basically a poultry seasoned marinade. I served it with some roasted rosemary potatoes.

the final product.

Another Everyday Dish TV dinner? You got it. I haven't tried vegan ribz since last summer. I used tempeh and baked it in a coating of bbq sauce. BLAND!

This stuff, though. Sooooo nom. You really have to watch both the amount of olive oil you use and the progress of the side that is frying otherwise, well, you'll get a burned set of ribz. Like mine. Even a little crispy, they were still righteous and totally hit the spot. Along with homemade mashed potatoes and sweet corn.

nutty, smokey, tender, and chewey.

And, to finish the night off right, Red Bull Berry Smoothies. I miss you, Raw Times. :( Now, I have to do this myself.


  1. Hey, looks like there is another vegan icanhascheezburger fan out there. Jasper looks really cute, even if he's not the friendliest. Those tempeh ribs look amazing, I will definitely be making those soon!

  2. i miss raw times so much! they were 2 blocks from my work and i could walk down and get an actual healthy lunch when i wanted. no more. your dinners are looking mighty fine there, buddy. i've never breaded and fried tofu before (i know...but i like it baked so much!) and the ribs...omg. jasper is a little cutie that he's not so cuddly. my cats are only cuddly at 7 am when they sit on my chest and demand my wakefulness so that they may eat. some cats just don't cuddle much, i guess. cause seriously, it's not for lack of trying on my part...