Thursday, March 26, 2009

Golabki and Dave Foley

I don't know why I was so intrigued with the concept of cabbage rolls, but I decided I had to make them today before I went to work. I'm a pretty big sucker for cooked cabbage. Weird? Not really, considering it's pretty much the only thing I can eat at work, given that I work in the mall. Everyday, it's steamed white rice and vegetables which consist of broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.
Now, take the time to enjoy the golabki montage. Also, note the filthiness that is my kitchen. Filthiness is totally a word:

Also, take time to say hello to my cooking pal, Bronson:

Cutest cat ever? Probably.

And, now, RANT: I have a complete and total love/hate relationship with Netflix. I only really love Netflix because of the instant queue thing for my 360. Here's what they do: they make the first season of every show, sometimes the second season, as well, available on your instant queue so that you can watch it compulsively on the rare days that you don't have class or work, the days where your agenda consists of cuddling with kitties and making cookies. Well, I rushed through the first two seasons of News Radio and I'm having Dave Foley withdrawls, damn it! I have a bit of a nerd crush on Dave Foley. I'm not sexually aroused by Dave Foley, I just love to watch him. Slightly more creepy? Point being: F U Netflix. You are forever the bane of my existence, while at the same time, the love of my life.

Come back to me, Foley! :(

I'd love to rant more, but I have a bus to catch.


  1. did the cabbage rolls turn out? and your kitchen is not filthy. and your kitty is adorable. and dave foley is fun to watch, in a nonsexual kind of way. michael's been watching news radio over at his friend's house who has a 360. want! instant! netflix!

    my mac's too old to do it on my computer. lame!

  2. i love kids in the hall...but never watched newsradio...i feel your pain

  3. I also love cabbage rolls and Dave Foley. Cool blog :)

  4. the cabbage rolls were could, but could've been better. I prefer them without the tomato sauce.

    one unfortunate thing about golabki is that it's no the kind of thing that you can have as leftovers. microwave cabbage? bleh.