Thursday, March 12, 2009

Classic Blueberry Scones

In case you haven't looked at my blog in, oh, a month or so, you might not have realized that I discovered the joys of baking. To fully convey my intense love for baking I've acquired, I'm pretty much looking for any excuse to have a bake sale at this point. I've even been taking orders at work from my associates of what to whip up next. I'm simply hooked.

Anyway. this morning, I was hungry. Reeeeeaaaaaal hungry. I had no cereal for a quick breakfast fix and no maple syrup for a heaping pile of pancakes. With my cupboards bare and my tummy growling, I decided to whip these bad boys up. Simple, sweet, and tasty.


  1. i just bought some frozen blueberries today...i am either gonna make blueberry muffins or dreena's blueberry bounty biscuits!!