Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can you tell I've ordered from Vegan Essentials?

I would like to begin by pronouncing my utter disdain for UPS. I loathe UPS. I received my order almost a week late because my UPS delivery guy refused to notice the countless failed delivery slips that I had signed the back of. I'm steadfast in my belief that he wants to see me cry.

On with the noms. Oh. My. Word. I experienced nerdy euphoria while I sat around, eating my weight in this and dominating Peggle. Baked spaghetti with molten mozzarella Teese. Certainly not healthy.

Next up, what to do with some homemade sammie bread, cheddar Teese, and your last tomato? Oh, I think we know.

Grilled Teese Sammich. I've completely eliminated the word "sandwich" from my vocabulary.
My bread recipe was Kramer's Sassy Sandwich Bread. It didn't rise as much as I would've liked, but it's still pretty awesome and dense.


  1. did the teese come from vegan essentials? i am going to place an order right now! i want to try it so bad and didn't know they sold it!

  2. you have to get the creamy cheddar Teese. ah! the vegan equivalent of Velveeta, only much better.

  3. i already ordered...and i got the mozzarella only just to try it out...but the nacho cheese flavor was tempting me! if i like it, i am ordering more!