Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kale Chickpea Mash

I know I've mentioned about a hundred times, but a majority of my meals are based on what produce I have that is about to go bad. I just threw this together in a matter of minutes, and it was soooo good. I really need to do more meals like this, where I just improvise. I feel a bit silly posting this recipe because it's too easy.

Kale Chickpea Mash

2 tbs EVOO
3 tbs minced garlic
1 bunch of kale
1 can garbanzo beans
2 tbs soy sauce
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp thyme
1 tsp onion powder
salt to taste

Saute minced garlic in olive oil on medium-high heat until it turns golden brown, carefully as to not burn it. Add the kale and stir, preferably with tongs to coat the kale in the oil and garlic. (You may need to add a few tbs of water.) After the kale has wilted a bit, add the garbanzo beans and cook for about 4 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. Begin mashing the chickpeas. I use a fork because I don't like them mashed too thoroughly; I still like some chunks. Garnish with some additional nutritional yeast and NOM.


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