Monday, January 5, 2009


greetings and salutations, bloggers! along with my New Year's resolutions and what not, I figured I'd start a blog. I'm quite new to the blogging world, but I've been wanting to start one for quite a while, mainly to dedicate to fewd and various vegan recipes that I create, try, cook, etc.

a bit about myself:

I gave up meat August of 2007, but I've been vegan since last April. hey, it's almost been a year. whaddya know?

I live in Huntington with:

my love, Dave:
so camera-shy.

my kitties, Bronson:

and Mistress Ghoulita von Frankencat:

I really didn't care much about cooking until I became vegan. living in a house filled with omnivores, I kind of had to fend for myself, and I wanted it to be damn tasty. I've still got a bit to learn about cooking in general, though. here are a few things I have cooked in the past:

everything-but-the-kitchen-sink veg/noodle extravaganza.

carrob chip cookies ( a little overdone) :(

and way too much more.

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Print Journalism at MU. yeah. go herd, and stuff.

you'll find that I'm a cat freak of epic proportions and that I have a great appreciation for things such as ramen, cheap wine, and Alec Baldwin.

whew. I'm a little tired from all of that posting. how was that for an introduction?

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