Monday, January 19, 2009

A little less rant..

.. and a little more post! This weekend has been pretty draining with work and what not. Not to mention I had to be at the mall (even on my day off!) to go birthday shopping for both my mother and youngest nephew. Today is going to be equally as hectic because I have a mountain of laundry to do and then I have to go to work, yet again. Tomorrow, I refuse to move.

Ahem, on with the food! This week, I decided to treat myself and make some creamy curried veggies. I had actually never tried curry until I became vegan. It's one of the easiest things to make, but it has so much flavor. I originally got the idea from Kramer, but you hardly need a recipe for a curry, I mean c'mon!

Another reason I love curries is because I get to incorporate two of my favorite things- onions and garlic. Seriously. One of my favorite scents is whenever I'm sauteing the onions with minced garlic and the garlic starts to brown.. Sheer bliss. My curry consisted of potatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower, and spinach.
pretty pretty!

Next are these little guys, blueberry muffins. A tad disfigured, albeit, these were yummy little on the go snacks. This was probably the simplest muffin recipe ever. I think next time I'll add some lemon juice and poppy seeds to 'em.
say 'hello' to my little friend!

Yesterday, while out and about, I made a pit stop at our local Healthy Life Market. Here's what I brought home:

Pretty much my main reason for ever going to Drug Emporium- vegan cheese. While Vegan Gourmet is not my favorite vegan cheese, (that would be Teese), this is the only stuff I have access to unless I want to spend twice the money and order online. I know that Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese can be purchased at Kroger, but I wasn't going to Kroger that day and desperately needed some. It wasn't terribly over priced.

Next up, tofu. I needed silken tofu to make a certain dessert Dave and I have been craving. Again, I know I could get it at Kroger, or something, but I wasn't going to fargin' Kroger. I got the firm tofu, though, because I've never tried this kind before. I was feeling ever so adventurous.

Next, frozen treats. I didn't get more of these types of things because I feel guilty getting stuff that I know I could make myself. However, Dave and I really enjoy those veggie rolls and I've never tried the Chicken-free Nuggets before. Wings would've been my first choice but they were like, $3 more!
I now have to resort purchasing Nature Burger mix here because Kroger stopped carrying it! Fascists. (No, I have not been compensated by Kroger to mention them 2198290183 times in my food blog. They just happen to have a large health food section, they're cheap, and they're not Wal Mart.) Moving on.

I got chickpea flour because while creepin' on Isa's page, I saw this rad omelet she made using tofu, asparagus, and this. It looked yum. Also, I've never used chickpea flour.

And finally, why I can't leave glasses laying around my apartment:


  1. Chickpea flour is good for crepes and french toast too!

  2. i freakin' love Kroger so I totally see where you are coming from...they have the best health food selection in my area!