Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally- the alfredo I've been craving.

Not much to post today, as I haven't really been cooking that much. First thing- the most awesome vegan Alfredo recipe I've tried since becoming vegan. Back when I was a dairy-eater (eww) Alfredo was my ABSOLUTE favorite food. Since becoming vegan, I had yet to try a vegan Alfredo recipe that tasted even remotely like real Alfredo. I was one sad vegan.

Until this past Wednesday..

I found this, like most recipes, on Vegweb. I did sub vegan Parmesan with nutritional yeast and it still ruled. So hard. I also has a limited amount of broccoli and absolutely no mushrooms. Dave would've been a sad boy had I snuck those in there. I mainly compensated produce with all of these frozen carrots I had that seriously needed to be used up.

This pasta was so good, we had it two nights in a row, the second night with wheat rotini. :)

Then the other night, I had these beauties. Again, more Vegweb. I really need to invest more time in my cooking and come up with some of my own creations. This recipe, though I nearly ruined it about twelve times, is great. It didn't come with an icing recipe, but these are so sweet and doughy and awesome, it really doesn't call for it.


And, now I present:



Well, it's been fun, but I'm off to watch to watch a Rock of Love Bus episode that my mom recorded for me. Srsly. That show is so skanky, I contracted chlamydia just from watching it.

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