Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Falafel Pitas with Homemade Hummus

Talk about a chickpea overload. This meal contained an obscene amount of protein and was positively delicious. My only criticism: I would've baked these. Either my bum efficiency apartment stove is well, a bum efficiency apartment stove or these just don't gt cooked through the center when they're fried. Also, due to my hormonal stove top's incosistent tempurature, they got mildly deep fried and a little burnt on the outside.

While I've made my fair share of homemade hummus, I've NEVER made falafel from scratch. I'm not sure how authentic this recipe is, but it certainly did the trick. This meal was ideal because it allowed me the opportunity to sneak onions into EVERYTHING. Seriously. I can't stress enough how perfect this recipe would have been if I would've I'd only baked it.

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  1. It looks good to me - i love falafel!! Like the idea of adding hummus to it as well. yum.