Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Fellow Fewd Junkies!

I haven't posted in a while because I've been doing absolutely no cooking. I've been in central California visiting my father and younger siblings. My meals at the house have been limited to spinach salads and boca burgers. Nothing too inventive. I did however encounter a few food gems when my family and I journeyed to Santa Cruz this past weekend.

The first was at Falafel House. The staff was surprsingly helpful and the food was delicious. While my family was off dining at a local burger place downtown, I wandered off to find more vegan friendly nomz and this is where I ended up. I ordered your standard falafel pita with a side of pita chips. If you do find yourself at Falafel House, be sure to order the vegan tahini sauce, which is friggin' godly. The default tahini sauce they give you has dairy in it.

The next place that floored me was Badass Coffee Company. It's establishments like this that make me ashamed to be employed at Starbucks. Their coffee selection is limited to Kona, but that was perfectly fine with me. They had soy options and even their white mocha syrup was vegan. As if that weren't enough to win me over, they offered vegan options in the pastry case! I ordered some vegan chocolate cake which was rich and dense and moist and pretty much everything that chocolate cake should be. They also had oat bars that were on par with Clif bars. The staff was very friendly and helpful here as well. It made me a little sad that they were located in the more commercial section of downtown Santa Cruz.

EDIT: A few hours after this post, my father was kind enough to take me to Davis to eat at a restaurant I'd been eyeballing for a while via the interwebz. We ate at Delta of Venus. While this isn't a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, it has both options available. My father was able to eat a turkey sammie and I had a curried tofu salad sammie. The tofu salad was alright considering that I find soy mayo positively disgusting. I also got a homemade chocolate chip bran muffin that was later enjoyed with a glass of soy milk for dessert. This restaurant had a nice little atmoshpere despite all of the pretentious art fags that littered the lawn. Davis is a quaint little college town and Delta of Venus definitely reflected that.

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