Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tybrus and I recently went to Boston as a late birthday present to him. We went there for the sole purpose of attending PAX East, but I think we all know why I was excited to get out of this town: typically a crowded city yields one thing- culture. And, where there's culture there are bound to be limitless vegetarian options. One place that we frequented was the Otherside Cafe. They have tons of vegetarian options and make almost all of it vegan. You have the option to add tofu or tempeh to basically everything and they even had a few raw options!

the California wrap with grilled tempeh, you can see the delicious chocolate chip cookie I ordered, too!

Buffalo tempeh sammich

BLT on Rye and the Nature Boy platter (completely raw plate: mock chicken salad, beet and carrot chips, and spicy wrap filling)

the big finish: Vegan mint chocolate cake

Oh, Boston, you will be missed.

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