Monday, February 1, 2010

"Yeah, that vegan vomit."

Ah, vomitty tomato sauce. No, it doesn't taste a bit like regurgitation, but it certainly would look the same going down as it would coming back up. Lindy Loo even said so in her post. This was a wildly easy recipe. I used cashew butter instead of the raw cashews and cut the amount of water in half. I served my sauce on these really neat spinach spaghetti noodles I found at my local convenient mart. I just described something as neat. I definitely recommend this if you're lazy and feeding a large crowd. Or, if you're just sitting at your apartment, wearing sweat pants and cozy socks, drinking tea, and watching a Charlton Heston movie.

1 comment:

  1. You just described me everyday.....In sweatpants, walking around my house with a hot cup of tea in my crocheted socks my step mom made me, although I am not watching Charlton Hesston, I think Marlon Braonon would cover it, don't you think so? LOL, I am gonna try this soon!!!