Monday, February 8, 2010

Product Review: Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Chips

Tybrus and I recently made a pilgrimage to our local Aldi for some cheap veggies. Among the things we found there, we found these delicious chips. Aldi floors me sometimes with its totally random selection of food. The chips we found were also flavored with sundried tomatoes and basil. Delicious! They're even gluten free! They're kind of high in sodium, but who do you think I am? The combination of rice and beans in these chips provides a good amount of protein and fiber. I highly recommend these!


  1. I love Aldi's, and yes they always seem to have something AWESOME!!!! My aldi store has a ton of vegan food and some really great organic soy milk!!! And they are originally founded in Germany just like

  2. Too bad those Rice and Adzuki chips are really just corn chips with a little rice and maybe Adzuki in them. They even say on the label that it may have black bean and instead of Adzuki on the label!!

  3. the bag that I got was not the same as the one pictured above. I couldn't find anything about there possibly being black beans in them. maybe because it was a different flavor?