Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the Grill

This past weekend I went up to my mother's. The prime objective every time I visit her is to make use of both her awesome kitchen and her even more awesome garden. The menu: grilled tofu, grilled squash, roasted sweet potatoes with red onions, grilled portabellos, and bread. The tofu was marinated with soy sauce, olive oil, a hefty amount of minced garlic, and fresh thyme and lemon basil picked from her garden. The squash was marinated in a simple garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar mixture. The potatoes were roasted with red onions and cilantro, also fresh from my mom's garden. And, finally, the mushrooms were coated with olive oil and garlic. Simple, but oh, so satisfying.

And, for dessert, I made my favorite banana nut bread recipe and sprinkled chocolate chips atop the batter. Leave it to me to figure out a way to add chocolate to EVERYTHING.

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